Data Modeling online training in hyderabad

Data Modeling online training in hyderabad

Date Modeling Online Training in Hyderabad


Learn Data Management in Data Modeling, the basic concepts behind data modeling, its uses with enterprise management, the history of data modeling and instructions on various models within data modeling. By the end of Data Modelling Training, you will be able to Model un-structured data efficiently and master ERWIN Tool.

Faculty : Real Time Expert |  Duration : 35hrs  |   Material : Yes |

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Itabhyas online training is the Best Data modeling  Online Training in Hyderabad,Bengaluru, Chennai and India.

Data modeling is a process used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business processes within the scope of corresponding information systems in organizations.

A data model can be represented as a flowchart that illustrates the relationships between data which explores data-oriented structures and identifies entity types. It is the process of documenting a complex software system design as an easily understood diagrams, using text and symbols to represent the way data needs to flow. The three levels of data modeling are conceptual data model, logical data model, and physical data model.

This online Data warehouse training gives you complete insight into warehousing and data modeling. Introduction Data modeling, Multidimensional Model, and Introduction to RDBMS & Database Vs Data warehouse, Dimensional Modeling, Cube, and Erwin. The ERwin training further includes Need of Data Model, Multidimensional Model, SCD Implementation Models, RDBMS, SQL Parsing and other such topics. This course is designed for beginners to advance level professionals.

Who should do this course?

  • Database Administrators and Database Modelers
  • Analytics Managers, ETL and BI Developers, Data Scientists and Analysts
  • Those looking for a career in Data warehousing

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Data Modeling Online Training in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, India.

Data Modeling Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Data Modeling
What is a Data Model.

Data Modeler Role

  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • Development of Data Model
  • Reports
  • Review
  • Creation of Database
  • Support and Maintenance
Components of a Data Model
Data Model Methodologies

Entity-Relationship Model

  • Data Modeling as Part of Database Design
  • Steps In Building the Data Model
  • Identifying Data Objects and Relationships
Read the documents provided by Trainer & google.

Data Modelling Methodology

  • Logical Data Modelling.
  • Physical Data Modelling
  • Logical vs Physical
  • Relational Data Modelling
  • Dimensional Data Modelling
  • Relational vs Dimensional
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Identifying and Non-Identifying relationship
  • Many2Many relationship and Transform
  • Supertype & Subtype relationship

What is Schema

Schemas in Data warehouse

  • Normalization Concepts (1nf, 2nf, 3nf)
  • Third normal Form
  • Star Schema and its Transformation Restrictions
  • Snowflake Schemas
  • Dimensional Modeling for Data Warehouse


  • Data Modelling Report
  • Logical Data Model Report
  • Physical Data Model Report
Read the documents provided by Trainer & google.

Erwin Features

  • Forward Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complete Compare
  • Reoprts Generation
  • Data Model Versioning
  • Overview of all the features
Indexing and Partitioning Concepts using SQL Sever as a DB

Data Process and Managament

  • Data Profiling and Data Quality
  • Reference Data Managament
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Conversion Techniques
Read the documents provided by Trainer & google.
  • One Business Scenario - Requirement will be provided by trainer, based on requirement student has to to convert the same requirement to model. Trainer will clarify all his/her doubts incase any while creating the model

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