Qliksense online training in hyderabad

Qliksense online training in hyderabad

Qliksense Online Training in Hyderabad


The Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification helps you in gaining your awareness on improving data models for its visualizations. It manages and collects data from different resources and then combines them collectively to craft dashboard interfaces.

Faculty : Real Time Expert  |  Duration : 30hrs   |   Material : Yes   |

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Itabhyas online training is the Best Qlik Sense Online Training in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, India.

Certified Information Security Manager (Qlik Sense Architecture & AdminCorporate) is a sales management and data analytics application that gives you sales, profit and loss reports displayed in colourful and customizable charts and sheets. Qlik Sense lets you build dynamic dashboards and personalized reports for individuals in your company which in turn promote meaningful insights as well as visuals. Furthermore, Qlik Sense helps identify areas of financial crisis and potential from within your enterprise.

The Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Exam tests your knowledge of managing a Qlik Sense environment. This exam tests your ability to set up the environment, configure access, configure apps, tasks and the content library, manage the environment, and troubleshoot problems and errors.


Qlik Sense Online Training batches will start every week. Make a call on +91-9030403937 or send a mail to info@itabhyas.com For Qlik Sense Online Training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, India. 

  • Data connections
  • Structuring the script
  • Loading data
  • Resolving data issues
  • Generating data with the script
  • Debugging a data load
  • Data manager and Qlik DataMarket
  • Scripting and data model challenges
  • Advanced calculations
  • Working with server
  • Security
  • Mobile deployment
    Qlik Sense Visualizations
  • Key concepts of Qlik Sense
  • Visualization concepts
  • Discovering visualizations
  • The ABC Sales app
  • Discovering more visualizations
  • Enhancing your apps
  • Sharing your insights
  • Wrapping up and next steps
    Qlik Sense Mashups
  • What is a mashup
  • Qlik Sense Workbench information
  • Foundation technologies
  • Creating first mashup
  • World Business Atlas
  • Deconstruction of World Business Atlas
  • Deploying mashups
  • Security implications
  • License issues
    1. who is a trainer ?
      IT Abhyas trainers are working professionals from the Industry and have 10 yrs of relevant experience.
    2. Will i ask for Demo session?
      yes , we r conducting the demo sessions when u need.
    3. How i will practice ?
      We will provide a software to do the practice.In case you come across any doubt, we have a 24*7 support team they will assist you.
    4. If I miss the session ?
      Any situation you are not attend the session we will provide the Recorded session.
    5. What about the course Material?
      We are ready to provide the course material.
    6. will i get the videos of course?
      yes , you get the videos after completion of daily session.that access for life time.
    7. Will i enroll now take a sessions after?
      yes you will join u take a sessions later.
    8. If i have any queries ?
      you will send a mail or give a call to support team.